TV and Amplifier repairs

At X-bytes Repair Centre™ we have a wealth of experience when it comes to TV repairs and Amplifier repairs spanning more than 20 years and therefore we really do offer a fully comprehensive repairs and installation service for many different audio and visual devices. We have a very extensive knowledge of all makes and models of Plasma, LCD and LED TV’s , Amplifiers , Mixers , Speakers , Hifi’s , DVD Players, DVD/VCR Combined Units, Game consoles , Laptops, Tablets, Computers, etc..
We also do Fixed Systems Installations, Mobile Repairs Service, Multi-point System Installations and a lot more.

Given the sheer high volume of repairs we undertake, we are able to offer very competitive  pricing without compromising on quality. That is what makes us unique.

TV repairs
LED TV Repairs
Amplifier Repairs
DJ Equipment Repair
Speaker Repairs
Vintage Amplifier Repair
Turntable Repairs
AV Installations


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